A wonderful melody plays within in empty concert hall. AwkwardThursday, a young man hiding his pain through a white mask, is playing piano on center stage. Thursday has always been a lonely soul, and the music he plays reflects it. As the song ends, foot steps can be heard approaching. BJ, a man in a red striped coat walks up to Thursday. "Such lonely music, friend. Couldn't help but listen." he says as he jumps on top of the piano. Thursday starts fumbling with his sheet music. BJ always gave him a weird vibe, he never knew why. Nervously he looks up at BJ, "So what brings you here? Another request for your channel?" BJ leaned closer and looked into Thursday's eyes, "you could say that." BJ is inches away from Thursday's face. "BJ? uh...-" BJ interupts Thursday with a kiss.

A flash of light comes from the audience. Thursday quickly breaks the kiss and turns to see Kayla with her cell phone out. "Dear god," Thursday thought. A chuckle can be heard through the brunette's gas mask. "Wonder what I should do with this?" she says. He tries to look as calm as possible, "Blackmail? really? I don't negotiate with terrorists." Kayla let out a wicked laugh that echoed throught the place, "What about I send this to Jacoach? I bet he'd be able to whip up something interesting with this." Thursday's eyes widen at the mention of Jacoach. That sick fuck would plaster that on any site he can find. "whats your price?" he said in a cold tone.

BJ wrapped his arms around Thursday, "Forget about me?" Kayla puts the phone away, "me and BJ have this little......arrangement. I help him get some and he let's me watch." As Thursday looks at Kayla, BJ's hand sneaks down under Thursday's pants. "HEY, WHAT THE HE-" BJ grabbed Thursday's cock and began rubbing it up and down. "Just shut up and enjoy it" BJ whispers into his ear. "Is he all fluffed up?" Kayla asks. "Yeah, didn't take long either. I knew he was itchin' for this." Kayla throws some rope onto the stage, "Good, tie him on top of that piano." BJ grins as he pulls a struggling Thursday on top of the piano, "Yes, ma'm" He raises Thursday's arms over his head and ties them to a piano chair. Next he spreads Thursday's legs apart and tie them in the same fashion. Kayla walks up and stands over Thursday's head, "strip him." BJ pulls out a knife and cuts away at Thursday's clothes. "Please..." Thursday begs. Kayla pets his head, "Awwww, seems to me like you're enjoying it though. Look, its getting harder!" Thursday looks down and he realizes she's right. "No, you're not enjoying this," he thought. "Enough of this, its my turn to have some fun with him. Lets show you what you've been missing, sexy." BJ pulls out his massive cock. Thursday sees it and freaks. He thrashes around trying to escape his bonds. BJ holds him down, "You'll enjoy it soon enough. Just relax and learn to love this. You'll be mine soon."

Sure enough, Thursday feels something huge plunge deep up his ass. He tries to scream but no sound comes out. To his surprise it wasn't very painful. In fact, for a second, Thursday almost admitted to himself that it felt good. "Wait, what?" he thought. Kayla stood over him, "thats right. Just relax and let him pound into you like that. No matter how much you want to deny it, you love this don't you, Thursday? I saw a smile almost creep up on your face. Just admit it and you'll enjoy it so mucch easier." Kayla's words seeped into Thursday's physically exhausted brain. "No, don't listen to her" a voice said from Thursday's mind.

Kayla kept whispering into his ear, getting to admit how good this felt. The more she said it, the more Thursday seemed to agree. "Get ready I'm gonna come." BJ thrusted harder and harder into Thursday. This time Thursday started to scream. Finally BJ came, Thursday let a held in his breath for awhile. He finally let it out and closed his eyes. He heard a click around his neck. He opened his eyes to find Kayla's face inches away from his. She had a sinister look in her eyes. He suddenly realized a heavy weight on his neck. There was a collar around his neck! His eyes widened in shock as he looked at Kayla. "What the hell?! I'm no-" before he could finish his sentence, BJ quickly stopped him. "SHHHhh quiet, bitch" This made Thursday grow silent. He tried to open his mouth again, but it wouldn't open.

Kayla laughed maniacally, "Holy shit, it worked! wow, I thought he was joking. Oh right, you're probably wondering whats going on. Well, Jacoach gave BJ this neat little script that helps getting people to well.....swing his way. Long story short, you're now BJ's obedient sex toy. Don't worry, you'll enjoy every second." They untied Thursday, and before he could run, BJ said, "Sleep time, bitch." Before his mind faded into slumber, Thursday heard himself say, "Yes, Master."

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