The rules are simple. You roll either 1 or 2 die, depending on the category, then you do whatever the dice say to.

1: Setting up right mood (optional)

1) Watch any one porn video of less than 10 minutes on all fours with your tongue open. I would suggest Beeg porn website. You can put bobby pin or clothespin on tongue. Do not clean up after you drool.

2) Squeeze your breasts, pinch your nipples , tug and twist them for next two minutes.

3) Apply tiny bit of toothpaste on clit and clean your room with your ankles tied in such a way it has restricted movement. Now clean your room. If your room is clean, make sure mirrors in your room and bathroom are squeaking clean.

4) Add up your DOB to two digit number. Now start tracing each number on your clit with a finger in your ass from other hand. Don’t you do dare cum until the task is complete. Pace yourself accordingly.

For example: If you are born on May 1st, 1996 then, number of traces is 

DOB: 05/01/1996 = 05+01+1+9+9+6 = 31

You have to trace 1 to 31 on your clit gently. Let it be feather touch as it will make you focus on sensations and your clit throbbing. Make sure one finger from other hand is in your ass while doing so. (reroll if male.)

5) Place a dildo on floor, kneel down and start sucking it for 2 minutes. Worship it as if it is cock. If you do not have a dildo you can use a banana, water bottle or any similar shaped objects.

6) You can choose any of the above or reroll the dice.

2: Implement used for spanking

1-2) Hand

3-4) Slipper

5-6) Hairbrush

3: Number of Spanks

Roll a die to see which “name” you will use:

1. Use first name

2. Use last name

3. Use UserName (if not a member use my username "bjmcmusicman")

4. Use full name (first, middle, last)

5. Nickname (your name is Thomas but you go by Tom)

6. Principal email (ignore punctuation & special characters – = mezyzcom)

Roll a die to pick the number scheme:

1. Normal (a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=9, j=10, k=11, l=12, m=13, n=14,o=15, p=16,q=17, r=18, s=19, t=20, u=21, v=22, w=23, x=24, y=25, z=26, number = number)

2. Reverse (a=26, b=25, c=24, d=23, e=22, f=21, g=20, h=19, i=18, j=17, k=16, l=15, m=14, n=13, o=12, p=11, q=10, r=9, s=8, t=7, u=6, v=5, w=4, x=3, y=2, z=1, numbers = number+5)

3. Vowels get extra (a=10, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=15, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=10, j=10, k=11, l=12, m=13, n=14,o=25, p=16,q=17, r=18, s=19, t=20, u=5, v=22, w=23, x=24, y=25, z=26, number = number+2)

4. Completely random = 1 to 26 (a=18, b=21, c=8, d=8, e=29, f=19, g=30, h=32, i=2, j=1, k=24, l=25, m=6, n=36, o=32, p =17, q=27, r=10, s=22, t=24, u=4, v=25, w=31, x=27, y=9, z=26, 0=25, 1=12 , 2=14, 3=28, 4=3, 5=2, 6=35, 7=24, 8=22 ,9=23)

5. Times two (a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=9, j=10, k=11, l=12, m=13, n=14,o=15, p=16,q=17, r=18, s=19, t=20, u=21, v=22, w=23, x=24, y=25, z=26, number = number) add up the numbers then double it!

6. Not so random (no values greater than 10) (a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4, e=5, f=6, g=7, h=8, i=9, j=10, k=1, l=2, m=3, n=4,o=5, p=6,q=7, r=8, s=9, t=10, u=1, v=2, w=3, x=4, y=5, z=6, number = number)

4: Where to spank?

1) Half on each ass cheek

2) 2/3 rd on right and 1/3 rd on left ass cheek

3) 2/3 rd on right and 1/3 on left ass cheek

4) Half on your ass and other half on the bottom of feet

5) Half on your ass and other half on inner thighs

6) Ass cheek+ Ass cheek+ thighs+ feet

5: Outfit

Roll: One die - To determine your outfit (and take a “before” picture in it).

1 Outfit: You may proceed as is.

2 Outfit: Drop your pants around your knees.

3 Outfit: Nothing but your undies.

4 Outfit: Take it all off.

'5 Outfit: Put on an apron or tie a pretty bow'

6 Outfit: Find your favorite boots/shoes and a hat and wear only those.

Roll: One die – To determine the next step.

1-2: Lucky roll! You’re finished.

3-4: Rub & soothe those red cheeks and get ready for another round then make another “1st Roll”.

5-6: Make your “1st Roll” for another round immediately, no break, no soothing.

7: Aftercare (Optional to follow dice role number. Below are some suggestions .You can do anything and everything that makes you happy)

1) Treat yourself with your favorite ice-cream/food for doing a good job. You deserve it.

2) Take a lovely warm (bubble) bath listening to nature sounds. . More compositions on this page

3) Wear comfy clothes, hug your stuffie and watch a movie

4) Talk to your loved ones/dominant/friends. It really helps even though you don’t have to tell them about self spanking.

5) Paint your finger nails/toe nails or do your hairstyle if you are into it. It makes you feel better and gives you a positive mindset.

6) You are welcome to chat with me. I will take care of rest  am master i dont take any thing from this but finding it and sharing

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