I opened my email today and was happy to see a new one from Thomas Green. The story made me so happy that i felt i had to share it. So here you go :) Enjoy!

It’s a long day for you, and you feel it in your feet. School was a joke, and cheer practice was harder as your squad was gearing up for championships later this month. As you walk into the house and kick off your shoes, you feel the cool of the wood even through your knee high socks on your soles, and you let out a pent up sigh of relief. You lightly step your way into the living room, and you eye daddy’s recliner from across the room. You quicken your step and jump into the chair, your skirt flopping up until you press it back down into place. You do a little wiggle, making your own little nook in the cushion, and then regret immediately not grabbing the remote first. As you debate if it’s worth it, you hear Daddy walk in the door. 

“Hi Daddy!” you shout across the house, and you hear Daddy shout back. “No yelling in the house!” and you can’t help but smirk at the irony. Daddy walking in, already with his jacket off and his tie loosened, looking at the mail. “Mommy home?” He asks, and as you tell him it’s just the two of you as he finishes the mail and throws the trash away. “Ok, out of daddy’s chair” He says, grabbing the remote.

“But Daddy…” you whine, not wanting to leave, knowing now Daddy could bring the remote to you. “Up up,” he says, motioning with the remote. “Can’t we share?” you ask, pleading. Daddy looks down at you, and with his big arms lifts you out of the chair, and turns around with you in his arms, plopping himself down in the chair and resting you tight little ass on his lap. You can’t help but smile as Daddy’s strength reminds you how you are his little girl. That feeling alone makes your little pussy a little moist, and you can help but wiggle. “Stop that,” Daddy says under his breath, and starts to turn on the tv. You look back, never hearing Daddy’s voice sound that deep before. You can tell his face is a little red, and you worry for a second, but when a bulge starts growing underneath you in Daddy’s pants, you figure out why Daddy might be a little flushed. 

While you try and listen, the bulge doesn’t make a comfortable seat, and you have to continue to wiggle to find a comfortable place on his lump. However, this obviously makes it worse, as the lump grows and grows and daddy starts wiggling himself. “Baby, stop wiggling” Daddy says, but not with any real desire for it in his voice. “I’m trying to watch TV.”

“So am I, Daddy” You pout. “Fine, here,” He says, and grabs you by the waist. He moves one leg over his waist, and sets you so you are straddling his belly, feeling the air rise and fall out of his chest, and you facing the Tv,  your legs between Daddy’s sides and the arms of the chair. The bulge, now in front of you, no longer is a problem. 

However, as you sit a bit, you realize how wet that bulge made you might be a problem. Your panties, soaked, start passing though the material and onto Daddy’s shirt. You lift up your skirt a bit, and you can see Daddy’s blue shirt with a dark spot where you’ve been sitting. You feel embarrassed, but at the same time, really turned on. Daddy made you wet. Daddy with his big arms. Daddy with his broad chest. Daddy…who’s bulge is right there….

You slowly slide you hand over it, and just lay it there. Seeing what Daddy with do. He doesn’t make a sound, and you are a little disappointed. That is until, you feel his hand fall on your back. Gently, almost encouraging. You place your second hand on there, and now can feel the heat coming from his pants and his hand on your back slides down your side to his hips, and his other hand falls on the other. You bite you lip, and squeeze the bulge, and a moan comes out of Daddy as he squeezes your hips.

Taking that as a sign, you start to slide your hips back along Daddy’s chest, and get your face closer to the Bulge. You love knowing Daddy can’t help but stare at you ass, but you love the fact Daddy’s bulge is so close to you now. You rub your cheek on his pants, and just worship it a bit. Daddy’s hands clench as you rub, and slowly they move down and back up your skirt, his hands on your bare bottom electrifying your body. You arch your back, and look back at him asking in your soft voice “Daddy?”

“Yes Baby” I say, and give your ass a little slap. Eagerly you start undoing the belt and zipper, and find this warm, pulsing gift from Daddy to you. You moan at the sight of it. You slowly take it in one hand, and lift it up, feeling it’s heft in your grip, the hard yet malleable piece of pleasure you created. You’re lips open, and as Daddy’s thumbs moved up your little pussy, your lips move down over Daddy’s big cock. Your eyes roll back as your mouth fills with Daddy’s happiness, and you can’t decide if the warmth of his cock or the teasing of his fingers feel better. As you slowly lift up to take a breath, you feel Daddy’s fingers press further into you, pushing against the fabric, teasing your hole. As you go down, again, the fingers slide back down to your clit, teasing it as you slowly polish Daddy’s cock with your mouth. 

As you keep on going down, you can predict Daddy’s fingers, as you learn as you please him in a certain way, he pleases you. Daddy might be using you like a little sex toy, but you are using him to please you too. You finally have to lean up, and grab your breath, and take a deed recovery inhale. But as you try and just reset, Daddy starts pushing your ass away. You frown, wondering if you have broken this magic moment. That is until you feel metal on your ass, and a snip causes the bottom of your panties to fall out. “Daddy! You cut my panties!” You exclaim, looking back to see Daddy putting a pair of scissors back in the drawers by the chair. “Baby, I’ll buy you new ones. Now can you guess why I did that?” He asks, and you can’t help but smile at the big grin you put Daddy’s face. You stand up a bit, turning around, and re-straddle Daddy, your legs sliding back into place. But instead of just sitting down, you hold yourself up, and grab the edges of your skirt. You slowly pull up, and the dress slides up over your head, and the expression on Daddy’s face is such a reward. The pure joy of just seeing you work for him makes you feel…complete. 

“Scissors” you say, holding out your hand. Daddy fumbles, pulls the scissors out, places them in my hand. “You are going to buy your baby Victoria Secrets panties. “ you say, and snip the two sides of your panties, then throw them to the side of the chair. “And a matching bra” you add, sliding the scissors up your shirt, cutting away your shirt till you reach your bra, and you snip it from the center, letting your clothes begin to show your chest. Daddy is about to speak, and you quickly lean over and put you finger on his lips. “Shhhh, just enjoy it Daddy, ” you say as you take the finger to from his lips and put it to yours, kissing it, then slowly sliding it down your body. Down your neck, through your cleavage, leading Daddy’s eyes all the way down you your sweet pussy. Your hand grabs Daddy’s rod, and then you say in the sweetest voice ever “Daddy,” to get his attention. As he looks up, you say, “Let me do the work.” And while you hold his gaze, you slide your sweet pussy down, you lips parting and taking in Daddy’s hot rod. It’s hard and you have to keep going up a bit to work more of it into you as you go down. Daddy reaches out to you, and you grip his hands, squeezing at your pleasure tries to overwhelm your body. One you finally feel like your at your top, you pull Daddy’s hands close, and place them on your chest. “Daddy, use me.” You say, and bit your lip again, still not able to open your eyes. For an eternity and a half, you ride Daddy’s cock, fast, hard, slow, smooth, until finally, when you are about do cum, Daddy sits, up in the recliner, and throws his arms around you. “Cum for me baby,” he says, and starts bouncing you on his rod. The overwhelming sensation overrides your need to cum, and you almost pass out as Daddy just uses your pussy for his pleasure. Like the little sexpet you want to be for Daddy. 

Finally, Daddy starts to slow, kissing down your neck, and moving his hands down your back, and you feel the need to cum build again. “Daddy……..Daddy…..DADDY!” you scream, and let lose on his lap. Daddy’s cock starts to pump with yours, and filling you up, mixing with you. “Daddy” you whisper, the only word on your mind, but then put to rest as Daddy holds you closer. “It’s okay baby, come here.” And as  Daddy leans the recliner back again, he pulls you down with him. As you you’re your head against his chest, Daddy’s heart begins to slow, and he breaths in calm, long breaths, that you can’t help find but soothing. “Sleep sweetheart, sleep” he says, padding your bottom. “You’ve had a long day, and you’ve been the prefect little Daddy’s girl.” As you begin to drift, you ask with out noise, and he answers. “Yes. You are a Good Girl.” 

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